Food & Beverage

Reference reports of our food technology customers

Food technology strongly depends on flexible drive solutions that meet our customers’ requirements. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers optimum drive solutions for every industry sector, no matter whether explosion-protected or corrosion-protected housings are needed.

Separators, Baader (Germany)

    For their pressing and separating machines, Baader uses the tailor-made drive technology of NORD geared motors ensuring reliable operation and special consulting by experts.

Belt Conveyor, AMBIT Projects (UK)

    NORD supplies reliable drive systems to machine manufacturer Ambit Projects that with their foodstuff-compliant surface treatment withstand food technology requirements.

Malting Plants, MOPOS (Czech Republic)

    Special operating conditions make high demands on the MOPOS malting plants. By using NORD drive technology with high load capacity and a surface treatment that protects against corrosion, the plants can run trouble-free.

Octopi Brewery (USA)

    NORD’s Sealed Surface Conversion System is a low-cost light-weight alternative to classic stainless steel models in this way supports the Octopi Brewery in brewing craft beer.

Gristmill, Arnreiter (Austria)

    NORD’s explosion protected drive technology, tailored to the demands of Arnreiter Mühlen GmbH, provides the necessary reliability and safety for their conveyor and distributor systems.

Chocolate Factory, Zotter (Austria)

    To meet the high demands on quality, the systems in the Zotter Schokoladen plant must operate safely and smoothly. The reliable and durable drive systems from NORD warrant this.

Filtration Systems for Beverages, TMCI (Italy)

    NORD supplies highly efficient decentralised drive technology to the TMCI machine manufacturer, consisting of geared motor and intelligent frequency inverter, for their innovative filtration plants.

Slicers, Treif (Germany)

    In order to portion food flexibly, Treif Maschinenbau GmbH requires reliable frequency converters and worm geared motors. NORD supplies tailor-made solutions for this.

Brewhouse, Brewery Forst (Italy)

    Due to the modular system consisting of housing and gearbox, NORD creates an individual drive solution for the smooth continuous use of the lauter tuns of the Forst brewery.

Conveying Systems, Krijn Verwijs (Netherlands)

    The harsh environment of seafood processing has long been the cause of rapid, severe corrosion of the machines. The special surface treatment offered by NORD Drive Technology solved this problem.

G.C. Evans (USA)

    High quality, intelligent design and cost savings were the main factors that convinced G.C. Evans to start using NORD drives.

Canning Systems, Wild Goose Canning (USA)

    A strict schedule in the storage of products and subsequent filling in bottles, cans and barrels requires reliable and accurate drive systems from NORD.

Lödige (Germany)

    The company Gebrüder Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH is specialized in the production and development of process engineering applications. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supplies the necessary industrial gear units for the inventors of the ploughshare mixer.

Hedinn (Iceland)

    The Icelandic company Hedinn develops suitable solutions for many branches of industry. The flagship, however, is the Hedinn Protein Plant, four of which are currently operated on the high seas with drives from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS.

Cazaux Rotorflex (France)

    As a leading French manufacturer, Cazaux Rotorflex now exports its wine pumps worldwide. Since 2009 NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has been providing reliable drive technology for pumping operations.

Swiss Can Machinery (Switzerland)

    With filling systems for powder and dry products, the Swiss company is now an important supplier on the global market. NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers the necessary drive technology in washdown design to meet the hygiene requirements of the food industry.

Fine Lady Bakeries (England)

    To enable Fine Lady Bakeries to quickly resume production after a gear unit failure, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS rapidly supplied a MAXXDRIVE industrial gear unit with a modified shaft.

Brew House, Brewery Landgang (Germany)

    With flexible, reliable and low-maintenance drive technology from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS, the Landgang Brewery achieves time-saving and perfect brewing results.